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Your better surgery outcome & faster recovery awaits

PeerWell is a complete system that guides you through painful flare-ups or surgery prep and recovery. Get your life back with our proven PreHab and ReHab programs.

PeerWell has all of the tools and technology to reduce pain, heal injuries, or get you ready for surgery. With friendly lessons, interactive videos, and even a Trip & Fall Hazard Detector, you’ll be supported toward a better surgery outcome and a faster recovery. PeerWell is free through our physician and insurance partners or available for a monthly subscription fee.

How patients use PeerWell


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PeerWell's programs were created in partnership with world-class health care professionals. PeerWell may be recommended by your care provider or insurance, and can be independently purchased here.


PreHab/ReHab in just minutes a day

PeerWell delivers a daily PreHab or ReHab lesson to your phone or tablet. Each lesson is manageable, easy-to-follow, and a lot more fun than a hospital pamphlet! Each day you’ll complete a custom plan that’ll impact you the most.


Have better outcome and recovery!

Using PeerWell PreHab and ReHab will lower your surgery risk, improve your outcome, reduce expenses, and speed-up your recovery time. PeerWell helps you work smarter, not harder, to get the best results.

What Medical Conditions / Surgeries Are Covered?

PeerWell currently offers PreHab and ReHab for the following musculoskeletal procedures:


Biceps repair

Biceps tenodesis

rotator cuff repair



Chronic pain

Discectomy (cervical/lumbar)

Laminectomy (cervical/lumbar)

Spinal fusion (cervical/lumbar)


ACL reconstruction


Total hip replacement

Total knee replacement


general surgery

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Working with PeerWell

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Let PeerWell serve as an extension of you, guiding patients to a lower-risk surgery and improved outcome.
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Health systems

PeerWell delivers a consistent and proven process for patients to prepare for and recovery from surgery. Standardized surgery prep and recovery helps your health system meet targets and track success.
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Take control of your population’s surgical outcomes. PeerWell empowers patients to actively improve their health and lower pre-op and post-op risk.
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two happy hosptial executives whose hospitals use peerwell

Life sciences

Let actual patient data and testing inform your BIG decisions. Gain invaluable insights while seeing your solutions work on real patients, in real life.
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Don't take our word for it

mary is very pleased with her experience with peerwell prehab

How PeerWell helps patients

I just want to be in the absolute best shape I can be before the surgery. I'm in a lot of pain and physically, I can't do very much at all. I can do the exercises in the PeerWell app and it makes me feel like I'm keeping myself as strong as possible.

-Mary, 71, PeerWell User

dr. mehran is happy with what peerwell does for his patients and his hospital

How PeerWell helps clinicians

PeerWell not only reduces the number of patient phone calls and questions received, it streamlines the entire pre-operative process. The program maximizes patient's preoperative health, reducing overall risk and helping get discharged straight home after a joint replacement.

-Dr. Nima Mehran, M.D, Orthopedic Surgeon

the former head of of CMS loves how peerwell works with CJR

How PeerWell helps executives

PeerWell helps patients get healthy before they go in for surgery—this is a really critical part of making bundled payments and CJR work better.

-Charlene Frizzera, Former Acting Administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

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